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Shoutbox is a fully customizable real-time chat that enables you to communicate with your website guests

Some features of our shoutboxes:

  • absolutely free! (with ads)
  • customizable colors and size
  • images as backgrounds and transparency
  • optional private mode
  • auto refresh
  • history available
  • work with all browsers
  • special admin rights
  • edit shouts
  • delete multiple posts
  • ban IP and users
  • special styles for shouts

Latest news from

23rd January 2015
Last time you learned how to embed shoutbox on Blogspot and now it's time for Wordpress.

Let's show how to embed shoutbox on Wordpress in 5 easy steps!
  • Go to your Wordpress Dashboard
  • Click on the 'Appearance' in the Menu -> select 'Widgets'
  • From the widget list choose 'Text' and drag and drop this module in your widget area.
  • Paste the shoutbox code into the content area of the Text module. You can also give it a title. Click Save button.
  • Refresh your website to see your new shoutbox! :)
Please note that this is a tutorial for all websites based on Wordpress system. However, some websites like don't allow non-premium users to use external HTML code.

15th November 2014
Many of you would like to have a shoutbox on a blog but don't know where to start. As we get this question from time to time, today we're going to write a short quide about How to embed shoutbox on Blogspot.

  • Sign in to your account at
  • Go to Layout and click on 'Add a Gadget'. Usually shoutbox is in the sidebar, so click on the 'Add a Gadget' on the right to embed it there.
  • A list will show up - scroll down to choose 'HTML/JavaScript'.
  • Paste the shoutbox code into the content area of the new widget. You may also give it a title. Click on Save.
  • Refresh your website to see your new chat! :)

That sounds easy, right? :) You're just a few easy steps from having a shoutbox!

20th September 2014
Have you made any new friends this summer? Keep in touch with them on your blog! Simply add shoutbox and you'll always be ready to chat with them. That is also a great way to make new friends ;)

Adding shoutbox to your website is easy – just paste the HTML code to the sidebar area text widget and all should work fine. Any issues? Feel free to contact us anytime!

22nd August 2014
Spammer's attack can happen on every website. With managing the shoutbox is secure and easy! You are equipped with 3 options to deal with a naughty user:

  • You can delete a user
  • Block users's IP – you'll find the IP address in the messages section. Copy it and paste in the IP list.
  • In case of something really bad happening, you can lock posting on the shoutbox for a while.

You'll find all those options as you sign in on your account at, in Dashboard.

15th July 2014
Summer is in its peak and majority of you spend most of the days outdoors. Cooler evenings bring relief, make us do something different and new.
If you haven's started bloging yet, that may be the perfect moment for the first steps :) Platforms like Blogspot or Wordpress offer free website hosting and easy building tools.
Start your blogging adventure today!

16th June 2014
For many of you June and July are holiday season. Wondering what to do during this time? You don't have to be bored sitting at home. Start something new, start your own blog!

Having a blog is exciting and doesn't limit you to just writing about how bored you are just right now ;) Use your imagination, start a roleplay or short stories writing. Use shoutbox for blog to engage with people who want to contribute to your blog. Holiday fun is starting!

16th May 2014
Have you been wondering how many people use our free mini chat? Here are some quick monthly statistics: nearly 10.000 websites have our chat and we have over 2.000.000 people communicating through them!

Want to check our service? Just sign up for free :)

4th April 2014
Although there are many different chats and shoutboxes available, free shoutbox is still in leadership position. Do you know why? Its simplicity matters! It does not require JavaScript, Flash or any other "heavy" technology. It's lightweight and compatible both with the oldest and newest browsers versions. Our shoutbox has been tested for years and it's still being developed. See how great it can work for you!

10th March 2014
'Back to simplicity' is the current trend that can be observed everywhere, even on our shoutboxes! Our users often choose one-color template or design simple shoutbox that matches their website major color tone. The good thing is that you can always change your free shoutbox appearance, even when it's already on your website.

4th February 2014
Hi Everyone! Last weekend me made some minor changes in the shoutbox engine. That should make it faster and more reliable. We hope you'll experience those good changes ;)

1st January 2014
Happy New Year everyone! We wish you a wonderful and successful year.

24th December 2013
It's the magic Christmas time! team wishes you all the best in this most special season of the year.

5th December 2013 is changing for you. We've recently refreshed our main page – hope you find it more clear now and will enjoy visiting us even more! :) Soon we'll add some more things – be patient.

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